Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic (German: Bärlauch; Latin: Allium Ursinum) makes part of the garlic family and is one of the wild herbs you will find in many places in our region in spring.

You can mix the leaves with cottage - or curd cheese and butter or add it to your salad or soup. It protects against high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other illnesses.
This herb usually can be found near broad-leaved trees, you can smell them by the distinct odor of garlic. Pay attention, it is very important when it hasn't flowered yet because the leaves are also quite similar to those of the lilies of the valley which are poisonous!
Dried they loose their qualities, however you can freeze them. It is not like the fresh stuff but not too bad for the winter season. Don't cook it with the dish like rosemary or thyme, just add it before you serve it.
You can also find it on the markets during the season if you don't want to search it yourself, however I have seen it even in the "Stadtgarten" in the center of Stuttgart.

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