Monday, March 1, 2010

Storm in Germany

The last day brought storm Xynthia to Germany. After passing France where many people died it entered our country causing many incidents mainly by falling trees. People had been warned before to stay away from woods and possibly not use the cars if they hadn't to.

The trains were blocked in several parts of Germany. In the Stuttgart the S-Bahn connections were partly stopped due to falling parts. Traffic signs and parts of constructions sites and bricks had been flying around. After 1 pm the traffic between Zuffenhausen and main station was stopped, the Zuffenhausen was closed entirely. The insulating boards of a shopping center in Feuerbach fell off the building and fell on the rails and overhead contact lines. Firemen had to secure these boards before train traffic could start again.

Of course it is always fastidious if you spend 1 and a half hour to come back home instead of the normal half hour, but I must say that the reaction by the responsible people from the VVS has been very quick and you were informed about alternative possibilities.

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