Friday, February 22, 2013

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I recently saw two documentaries about industrialized and organic food, they were both filmed in the USA and I found them quite shocking. I don't want to say that we actually are much better in Germany, I am afraid we are not very much behind the current state of "food industrialization". Our supermarkets offer an overwhelming amount of processed food as well and it sometimes is very difficult to find healthy and organic food. Nonetheless, due to shorter distances you still have the choice and can find a Farmer's market not too far away from home. In my hometown which has about 15.000 citizens in the last years there have been established farmer's markets twice a week and every large town offers them. Usually they are in the morning so somebody working usual office hours might have problems to use these possibilities.
Stuttgart downtown  offers a large market, primarily fruit, vegetables, flowers, eggs, dairy products, meat, fish and honey three times a week: on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, as you can find on the internet, Stuttgart offers 27 different farmer's markets in the different neighborhoods from Tuesday thru Saturday. So you have the possibility to cater to your needs nearly every day of the week. Another feature are the vegetable boxes which can be ordered in regular intervals. They are brought from farmers from the region, usually once a week. If you are not at home, they will place the box in an indicated space and you can transfer the money for the bill to their bank account. Or you can go and pick your own strawberries in the season, find information here. If you are interested in more information about healthy food, go and have a look at the Slow Food Exhibition which is held once a year at the Stuttgart Fair, usually in April. I found also a blog post in English about it. There are also some food blogs from the region like Jans K├╝chenleben or the blog from a personal trainer who combines his work outs with his suggestions for healthy food.

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