Monday, May 27, 2013

German Mill Day 2013

The 19th of May this year was a special day for all the mills in Germany. Most of them open their doors, there are guided tours and information brochures and special events.

We decided to have a look at two of the grain mills. One is in Vaihingen where they combined the mill day with a large fair and the possibility to have a trip on the river on a raft or punt boat.

We had a tour of the grain mill from top to bottom with lots of insight in the procedures.
Then we tasted the home made bread made from the flour which is also sold directly at the mill.

A couple of bags of flour went in the car, so we will try to make our own bread at home.

Then we had the opportunity to have a guided tour around the mill with loads of inside Information.
Here are a few pictures.

Prohibited to go with the Elevator.

But we could!

Sersheim has another grain mill with a small store, a gym and even a little theater where they present Swabian comedy. There were special events for children, lots of tables outside with the possibility to have a drink and taste some of their home made products.

We also had the possibility to have a look at their Museum - just the entrance because they were closing but let us in to take a couple of Pictures:


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