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Trip Tip - Swabian Alb

If you wish to stay for a longer time in the Stuttgart area, having a look at the surroundings is also interesting, maybe have a stay in the Erms valley.
In less than half an hour you will find a landscape which offers a bit of everything:
Shopping in Metzingen, hiking and a visit to the "Bärenhöhle" (bear's cave) or a swim in the Alb-Therme of Bad Urach.

Here are some suggestions for your day trip:
Metzingen, also called Outlet City or town of the good bargains or Mecca of outlet Shopping, fulfills all of your purchasing needs. More than three million visitors from 180 countries come here every year.
As a city with a long tradition in the textile industry since the 18th century, the development in Metzingen began with the settlement of the first weavers and tanners, then the first textile factories were erected until the first outlet store by the brand Boss in the 70s. In the meantime the Shopping Event is linked to special events like Sunday Shopping (which in Germany is not a Standard), midnight Shopping (not even that) and XXL-Shopping on bridge days.
From Monday thru Friday the shops are open from 10 am to 8 pm, on Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm. More than 3000 parking spaces for cars, shuttle busses and a good train connection are at hand.

Hiking, Biking, Climbing
In 2009 the Swabian Alb got the Rating biosphere reserve by the UNESCO. The hiking trail Albsteig from Donauwörth to Tuttlingen runs for about 350 km. Bad Urach offers 45 different hiking round trails on 210 km as well.
Bikers drive along the 15 km cherry round route from the fruit Meadows of Dettingen to the catchment lake of Glems to Neuhausen, passing the vineyards of Metzingen to come back.
Longer tours are the Long distance bikeway Schwäbische Alb and the route along the Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse. Mountain bikers love the Bike X-ing with 400 km and 10.000 m in altitude.
Also the Albtrauf offers a great challenge for sporting bike riders.
The Albtrauf also presents a great attraction to climbers who have the possibility to choose between 20 rocks with 500 different routes on the mostly perpendicular or slightly overhanging walls.
 Panorama view of Albtrauf

If the weather is more unfortunate you can take a trip to the Caves: Nebelhöhle, Falkensteiner Höhle or Bärenhöhle.

The region has a rich offer of typical products, often produced in the traditional way:
Alb buffaloes, apple cider and Juice from old apple varieties, biosphere sausage and snails from the Alb can be tried on site or brought as souvenirs.

Video: Schäferlauf Bad Urach - Shepherds Run Bad Urach

On the 21rst of July the traditional Urach Shepherds Run is on. In bare feet the unmarried shepherds - male or female- run every two years across the stubblefield. This year the Event takes place again.
On the 19th and 20th of May there is the 27th Swabian Craft Market on the Kelternplatz in Metzingen.
People interested in sports could take part - actively or passively in the sixth Ermstal-Marathon on the 14th of July.

Castles, horses and Museums
A tour to the Castles could go to Hohengundelfingen, Bichishausen, Hohenhundersingen and Hohen Neuffen
An extraordinary easter egg Museum is situated in Sonnenbühl and the stud Museum is Close to the famous stud farm of Marbach. The outdoor-museum in Beuren brings you to a bygone era and you have the possibility to learn a lot about life of yesteryear.

For more Information go the webiste of Tourismusgemeinschaft Mythos Schwäbische Alb e.V.

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