Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Although Germany is not really the champion of humor among the European countries - just consult any survey if you are not sure - but we also have our share of comedians.
In my opinion and in that of many others the undisputed master is Loriot.
He made innumerable episodes for TV with fragments which have become part of the wortschatz in our everyday life. It is a very subtle kind of humor which mocks the peculiarities of everyday life. Everyone remembers the scene of him trying to propose to his partner while a piece of Spaghetti moves around in his face. 
 I found it on Youtube, somebody was already so kind to put subtitles in English in this film.
Another one shows him in the airport trying to get rid of a banana peel.
This really needs no translation.

Classics are the Jodeldiplom and the Kosakenzipfel.

He also made two whole-length films: Pappa ante Portas and Oedipussi.
I the first one he is sent to early retirement because he bought writing paper for the next century for his company. So he puts all his strength to reorganize his private life and home, a fact which disturbs his wife and son who can not get used to having him around all day long.
In this episode he wants to organize the work of the cleaning lady who had always been here.

In the second he is the middle aged son of an overcaring mother with problems to learn to live his owm life.
His permanent professional partner in all his work is Evelyn Hamann. I read that he actually wanted to have a blonde overweight woman. Since Evelyn Hamann is rather slender, he asked her if she thought, that she might gain some weight eating a pork knuckle everyday. She didn't but he took her up anyway because he was confident that she was a great actor. And indeed - nobody could imagine Loriot without Evelyn Hamann.

So Stuttgart made a monument for Loriot and his favorite dog, the Mops - in English pug
just some time ago. It is at Eugensplatz - a nice square with view of the city of Stuttgart, the best ice cream in Stuttgart and lots of steps which bring you downtown.

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