Sunday, March 22, 2009

Insider Tip - Some German necessary

Although the blog is in English, I hope you plan to learn some German while you are here- I recommend it for any stay in a foreign country. Even if you are just go on a vacation, the more you understand the language, the more you will enjoy your sojourn and be able to participate in every day life. If you speak a little bit of our language I have a great leisure and culture tip for you. We have been to a fantastic theater show yesterday. The form of theater is called "theater sport" or "improvisation theater". This means that the spectators participate in the show by suggesting cues for the different scenes. The actors take up the cues and create an individual intelligent and funny show. You will never know before what happens because it always depends on the prompts of the people. We spent a great evening with great company in a nice cellar in downtown Bietigheim - near Stuttgart. Looking forward to repeating it!

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