Saturday, March 28, 2009

Waste Separation in Germany

One thing other Europeans grant us in Germany - among other things like building good cars and being quite punctual on meetings- is that we are really good at separating garbage. The point is that - if you take off glass, paper, compost, plastic and clothes - there isn't very much left to put in the trash bin. The incentive is that you only have to pay for what is left now. We are so good at separating that garbage is so damp now that they have to add paper again for burning the stuff!

Every district has its own system. There are yellow bags in Stuttgart for plastic, in my home town we have green, black and brown bins. The brown ones are the most disgusting ones, they are meant for organic waste. Try to do this during summer when they collect it only once a month and you will know what dying by odor means. If you are audacious enough to put even meat inside you will also have the visit of fluffy friends like rats or worms. In this case I advise you to put on sun glasses when you throw away the garbage or just use the organic ton only for garden waste like I do sometimes - avoid freshly mown grass which can be just as bad! If you have a large garden you can bring all your garden stuff to the "Häckselplatz" - where they shred all the branches and you can bring back home some "Rindenmulch" which is bark mulch.

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