Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Translated this would mean: Garden of beer. We don't grow it but we drink it. Some are the characteristics to define a real "Biergarten". Usually you sit on wooden benches or chairs under trees - preferably chestnut trees. The floor is covered with pebbles. You may drink beer (Export, Pils or Weizen), Radler (half beer, half lemonade) or a variety of other mostly non alcoholic drinks like for example "Apfelschorle" - a very popular drink in Germany which is a mixture of 50 % apple juice and 50 % mineral water, Spezi - mixture of Cola and Fanta. You may have the possibility to get something to eat as well. In most of the locations you pick up your drink and food at the counter and then choose your table. Sometimes they are served as well or even have a served and a non-served section.
One of the largest Biergarten is found in the Stadtgarten.
These are some of my favorite places in and around Stuttgart:
Teehaus - great view over Stuttgart, especially nice to sit there when it is very hot downtown because it is on the hill and there might be a little breeze
The Biergarten in Bad Cannstatt not far from the "Mineralbad"
In Feuerbach Im schönsten Wiesengrund
In Bietigheim Rommelmühle and Paulaner Biergarten
In Ludwigsburg Uferstüble
In Markgröningen Flohberghaus - it is right in the forest, unfortunately I couldn't find a website, they will be having Live Music with a Country Band on the 3rd of July 2009

If you have any special tips I am looking forward to them!

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