Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mercedes Benz Museum

Obligatory for every car fan - the Mercedes Benz Museum.
The building has a very special design and takes up the form of a snail house. There are 7 storeys leading from the beginning in 1886 to the most futuristic car models. The entrance fee right now is 8 Euro per person, children under 15 don't have to pay anything. There are audio guides in several languages. The German audio guide also has a children's section where things are explained a little simpler - I preferred it to be honest. But of course if you are a car fanatic you will stick to the normal version! After handing out the audio guide you will be led to a futuristic elevator which brings you up to the top floor where the tour begins.
f you wish you can also experience the feeling of a Formula 1 pilot in one of the two simulators (usually there are queues so it takes some time until it is your turn).
Here are some impressions of our last visit:


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