Saturday, June 20, 2009

German Beer

Germany is famous for its beer and there are many kinds of it. It is not just the "Maß" you would get at the Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Wasen. We have Weizen or Weißbier (as they call it in Bavaria), a beer made from barley which is mostly drunken in summer. Strangers have to get used to it and the taste. There is the more bitter Pils and the sweeter Export, the Düsseldorf region prefer to drink their Alt whereas the people from Cologne like to have a glass of Kölsch. Many people like to mix their beer, the most common mixture is Radler or Alster where you mix the beer with lemonade.
There are many "Brauereiwirtschaften" where you can drink the beer which is directly produced at the location.
Some of them are:
- Calwer Eck Bräu in Stuttgart
- Sophie's Brauhaus in Stuttgart
- Roßknecht in Ludwigsburg
- Rommelmühle in Bietigheim

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