Friday, July 24, 2009

Barbecue in Germany

When the first warm afternoons and evenings start around Easter you will find every second garden with the odor of grilled meat and sausages. So - what is the usual stuff you will find on the grills: marinated meat from porc, chicken, turkey and beef - sausages - shashlik skewers are the common features. Side dishes are usually mixed salad, potato salad or baked potatoes and lots of different sauces. If you are invited for a BBQ and you are able to put something together just ask if they want you to bring something along like e.g. a salad or some dessert.
This is my special recipe for a potato salad:
Ingredients: Potatoes (naturally) - be sure to choose the type which won't become farineceous.
Look out for "festkochend" - not "mehligkochend" or "vorwiegend festkochend" - these qualities won't do.
Onions, beef broth, vinegar, oil (rape or sunflower oil), salt and pepper.
After cooking the potatoes in their paring, rinse them with cold water and chop them in really thin slices. In the meanwhile you heat the broth and cook the onions which have been chopped in small cubes before.
Then pour the broth with the cooked onion cubes over the potatoes. Let it marinate at least one hour, then add the vinegar and the oil and some salt and pepper if you like.
You can also add thin cucumber slices, ham or hard boiled eggs. I like to add some rocket as well, that is not the Swabian version but I have lots in my garden and the taste is great as well.

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