Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Afrika-Haus in Heutingsheim

I passed a many times the sign "Afrika-Haus" when I drove from Ludwigsburg to Freiberg and was always curious to know what there would be. Some information on the internet told me that it was about modern African art and that it is open only on Sundays. Being on the right spot and in the right time we jumped at the chance of having a closer look at this museum. The Afrika-Haus is situated in a residential area in Heutingsheim which belongs to Freiberg. We passed around 3 pm and found out that it was open from 3 to 5 pm this Sunday. A nice lady greeted us and showed us around. The owner, Mr. Benseler, unfortunately is very ill and not able to be there himself anymore. In 1957 he made his first trip to Africa with a friend. They stayed more than one year. After this he made several more trips to Africa - always for several months. There he collected different pieces of modern African art - statues and pictures. The collection grew larger and larger. In the end he decided that he had to build a house in order to exhibit the pieces of art properly.
We have seen many interesting pictures and skillful statues. It is definitely worth a visit. As we were told there is an African festival every year in August with special African music and food. So we look forward to this as well.
If you want to visit it as well just follow the signs after the first traffic cirle from Ludwigsburg to Freiberg.

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