Friday, September 11, 2009

Baumarkt - Germans do it yourself

10 Things you shouldn't do when you are in a "Baumarkt"

You might call them building centers or do-it-yourself stores. Living in Germany you might have noticed the numerous ads for them. They are called OBI, Hornbach, Globus, Toom or Bauhaus.
What are the exactly? You could say: hardware store meets garden department meets building material meets sanitary plumbing, pet food and accessories, lights - whatever. Everything which you can possibly install, mount, repair, build or fix yourself and all the necessary machines can be found there.
This is fantastic because you will find most of the stuff you need in one place and you don't have to browse different shops.
My advice to women: Leave your partner at home if you know what you have to buy. Otherwise you will loose precious time of your life waiting for him until he has finished admiring all the different machines like drills, saws, grinders, steam cleaners....

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