Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Christmas Market in Germany 2009

Due to a participation in a competition arranged by Antenne 1, Tamm (Kreis Ludwigsburg), a town about 25 km from Stuttgart, held the first christmas market this week. They promised to make a snowman of the height of the city hall. There were stands everywhere selling christmas items, hot spiced wine, cake, sausages and meat.
Just have a look and enjoy the photos.
There is the snowman. You could say that it is as high as the town hall if you count the hat. I think they could have made some more effort. I mean, if you do it then do it right! I expected something more spectacular.

Speaking of christmas markets, the season starts always at the end of November, usually with the weekend of the first advent and ends 1 or 2 days before christmas.
Maybe you know the most famous, the N├╝rnberg Christkindlmarkt. Stuttgart holds the largest christmas market in Germany. There are many other ones in the South German region. Ludwigsburg always arranges a Baroque christmas market with very nice stands of applied arts. Esslingen has a normal and a medieval christmas market which is also worth a visit. Another quite small but very interesting christmas market is the one of Bad Wimpfen. However, nowadays it has become a tradition that every little town organizes at least one weekend during the last 4 weeks before christmas.

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