Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gorilla baby in Stuttgart zoo Wilhelma

Baby Gorilla born in Stuttgart Zoo- Wilhelma

Gorilla woman Kolo made a special Christmas present to the Wilhelma, our Stuttgart zoo. It has been already the second gorilla baby in 2009 which was born in the "year of the gorillas" in Stuttgart.

In the early morning on the 22nd of December Kolo gave birth to her baby amidst her family. She retreated to one corner of the conjoint enclosure, built a nest made of excelsior and shortly after 8 am the little one arrived.
Kolo already has a 6 year old son, Lengai and had a baby the year before which unfortunately died. Right now Lengai is very curious of his new brother or sister.

Foto: Wilhelma

In March 2009 Gorilla woman Mutasi had a little girl - Mawenzi - she was the 30th Gorilla baby which was born in Stuttgart. Father of both children is Kibo, the benevolent silverback of the clan who likes to play with the three "oldest" children: Meru, Shira and Lengai.

Right now you will already be able to catch a glimpse of mother and child. Also small Mawenzi and all the others are looking forward to the visitors durin the calmer winter season.

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