Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bad Taste in Germany

Some examples of bad taste (at least this is my opinion) in Germany:
Cuckoos Clock - which is however very popular with Americans and maybe nowadays there are more people outside Germany who own one than in our country.
You can by them on the net and they assure world wide delivery.
You can also visit the world largest Cuckoos Clock in the Black Forest and choose your clock for yourself.
I mean, if you like cuckoos clocks.

Another accessory is the "Wackeldackel"
which you will find in the rear rack of some cars. It is a Dachshound - once one of Germany's favorite dogs along with the German Shepherd - made from plastic with a moveable head.
If you want to have one for your car - go ahead, you can buy it here.

Still for the car, somebody once invented the idea to put a toilet roll on the rear rack of the car. In order to cover the offending object, he had the idea to crochet a hat for the toilet roll. Now it is even more obvious that this car is driven by someone with digestion problems.
Strangely this object is returning to fame due to artists. You can buy them on Dawanda which is the German Etsy Shop.

Another feature is a special kind of table which is made out of wood with tiles on it. This could look also very nice but unfortunately most of them look like these:

There is even a Website which is called "German Tile Table Museum" which describes how many times this weird table is shown in German TV trash and reality shows.

For other bad taste examples have a look at these bad taste car accessories.

Then let's go outside, have you ever noticed one of these in a German garden?

In German they are called "Gartenzwerg" -maybe "garden gnome" in English. I have mainly seen them in gardens of older people. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be bought here if you want to buy one of them online.
These are hand crafted and you can visit this special museum in Thueringen, East Germany
With time people usually are divided between lovers or haters of this garden decoration. The haters have their own - Anti-Gartenzwerg products.

Let's talk about beauty and fashion. What do you think about these tattoos?

Then there are special sandals which seem to be on everybody's feet in summer (and even before and after), possibly with white socks. Did you know that one man complained about the beach of his holiday resort. It was too dirty - which he noticed because the white socks which he wore in his sandals were gray after walking along the beach.
One of the facct that amazes me is why the fattest women insist on putting on these tight leggings.

More bad taste coming up, surely. I have to bring my camera along. What do you think, are other examples of bad taste in Germany - or maybe in your country?

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