Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stuttgart Apps

Getting around in Stuttgart, albeit walking, cycling or jogging now is supported by the new apps which you can find here: www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/tourenplaner
The three different apps are: Wandern Stuttgart (walking), Radfahren Stuttgart (cycling) and Laufen Stuttgart (jogging).
There are two varieties: one basic for free and the premium edition for 4,99 €
The tours are displayed on maps which can be zoomed and every tour has a short description with the most important details like distance, length of time, descent and ascent.
The premium app also gives you the opportunity to load down special routes for using off line which is quite helpful in regions without connection. You can register your tours live, attach photos and waypoints and mail the whole thing to your friends. The "wandern app" includes this feature: direct your iPhone to the horizon and mountains in your surroundings until 150 km of distance will be shown with elevation.
I am afraid it is only in German but there is still Google Translater which works well for these things.

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