Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beer Festival Season - again

Beer festival season will be soon in Germany. The largest beer festival is - as you all know - in Munich, Bavaria. And it always starts at the end of September. The same here in Stuttgart, Cannstatter Wasen, starts the last weekend in September and lasts 3 weekends and the weeks in between.
In the last years, it has become a fashion to go there dressed up with the traditional "Dirndl" - for the girls and "Lederhosen" and there have been many labels who have dedicated themselves to marry the traditional style with modern fashion. One of the last were Dirndl with African designs or Lederhosen with modern colors.
These traditional clothes had been quite expensive before, but now they are made in a larger quantity and with cheaper material. However, you can use them during Spring Festival, Fall Festival and also during Carnival, so you get plenty of worth for your money. Just have a look at this offer.
 For more information I recommend the site for the Fall Festival:

Have fun!

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