Thursday, November 15, 2012

Forest Vernissage

Sometimes you just have to see a large crowd and be curious enought to inquire what this is all about. As it happened, some time ago we were on our way to our favorite fish pond to buy some trout or salmon trout. From the highway we saw a large crowd near the wood in front of the next exit. We decided to have a look at the event. When we wanted to enter in the parking, somebody told us to use another parking space on the other side because it was already occupied.
Yes, we will, but tell us what this is all about?
Apparently it was a forest vernissage - a word we had never heard before and we presumed maybe there would be some artist creating art pieces from a trunk of wood with a chainsaw.
As it happened, it was a little bit different - see pictures below. Nonetheless interesting, there were also speeches which nobody listened to and some guy trying to stop people for his performance. We had a little stroll around, also for the dogs, and then decided to go on in order to get our fish for dinner in time.

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