Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY games from the German Democratic Republic

I have been listening to an interesting podcast in German these days, called Staatsb├╝rgerkunde. A guy from the East of Germany talks to "witnesses" of former times when there was still the wall and the German Democratic Republic. In one episode he interviews two collectors of diy games, usually copied from western table games like Monopoly or Memory.
Just have a look at their blog where they present the hand made games, the people who made them and their stories
They had an exhibition at the German Games Museum (Deutsches Spielemuseum) in Chemnitz and right now also there is an exhibition in Dresden in the Johannstadthalle  which is running until the 27th of January next year where you can have a look at these artful pieces.
Every post about a self made game also includes lots of pictures and an article about the idea and the development of the diy project.

Here are some pictures which I copied from their blog. Just have a look at it.


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