Thursday, June 20, 2013

Constructing permission - Red Point

Where do you go if you wish to construct or extend your house. Attention, even if you construct yourself a small car port made of wood, you have to ask for permission first. So it is always better to ask before if you comply with all the requested formalities. If your property is in Stuttgart, you will go to the "Baurechtsamt" and they give you all the necessary information.
Usually you have to inform your neighbors about the project and let them sign that they have been informed and don't object. If everything is approved, you will get a permission to build and a "Red Point"
The "Red Point" informs about the construction plans, the project, name and address of the building owner, the architect or the person who planned the project and the performing company.
Only if you have the "Red Point", the constuction can be started.
The "Red Point" has to be placed in order to be seen from the street and has to be secured against robbery. If there is no "Red Point" on the building site, this can lead to a stop of construction.

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