Friday, June 21, 2013

Rent bicycles and e-bikes in Stuttgart

After Aachen, Stuttgart is the second region to offer the concept of  E-Call-A-Bike.
Due to the position of Stuttgart, surrounded by hills (buggl in Swabian), it sometimes gets very tiresome to climb up
with a normal bike. That's where E-Call-A-Bike kicks in.
It is quite easy:
First you have to register once or in the internet or call this number:
 069 42 72 77 22

Then you go to one of the terminals, touch the screen and identify yourself
by EC- or credit card.
You choose your pedelec, max. two per card, and put in your opening code, provided by
the terminal, unlock and you can get started.
When you pause, lock the pedelec again and reopen it with your opening code.
You can return the pedelecs at any of the 45 terminals, press the block button on the right
side of the bicycle lock, the display will show you a code for the receipt which you
type in the terminal along with the number of your bike.
You can also rent them by smarthphone app and telephone.
Sounds all a bit tricky, but just have a try!

Here is the information for the bikes without motors :

The first 30 minutes are free for bike and pedelec - a really great offer and fantastic way to try these out.
Rates after the first 30 minutes: 8 cent per minute for a normal bike, 12 cent for a pedelec.
Maximum 15 Euro per day or 22,50 Euro per day for the pedelec - but better verify the rates, they may change from time to time.
If you wish to use it all year, you pay as little as 36 € - I think that is really interesting, owners of Bahncard or VVS-Jahresticket even less.
Call a Bike also is on Facebook, find the QR code of the smartphone app here.

I also found some information in English.

So, happy biking - right now we have the ideal biking weather, no rain and not too hot,
so enjoy!

By the way, if you want to combine biking and a German speciality, there is also the beerbike.
In Germany you will get a fine if you drive bicycle at a higher level than 1,6 per mill alcohol, they might even seize your driver's license for the car. It is all about being able to conduct a vehicle in traffic. So I hope, the beerbikers will just drive around in places where there is none.

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