Saturday, June 8, 2013

Textile containers

In the last months discussion about these containers have increased. The Stuttgarter Nachrichten wrote an article in January about an operation by the Stuttgart Police in the end of 2012. In the east of Stuttgart they passed a man who fumbled with one of the containers. They addressed him and because it seemed an illegal one to them, they asked to see the permission. The man said that he was just sent to empty it and that he had to call his boss. Calling his boss he changed to Turkish language and told his boss that he was quite in trouble since all of the containers set up by the company were illegal and he didn't have a permission. The list with the places was hidden in the car so the police couldn't find it. When he finished the call, the police woman asked him to open the car, she was Turkish and had understood every word.
315 different illegal textile containers in Stuttgart and surrounding cities were found in the book. Usually the illegally set up containers are just labeled with a cell phone number where nobody answers. So they will be brought away and if nobody claims them, they will be scrapped because the owners think better than to claim them. In 2012 161 of these containers have been removed, in 2011 they were 77 amd om 2010 only 21. So the number is still going up, due to the rising prices on the global market for used clothing.
After having read this article, I realized how many of these containers are set up, almost in every street corner. Here are some of them - legal or illegal, I really wouldn't know, but  I especially like the first one:

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