Friday, June 28, 2013

Wilhelma - Stuttgart Zoo and Botanical Garden

Even though weather this summer isn't quite what you would wish for and it rains quite often, a visit to Wilhelma the Stuttgart Zoo, is highly recommended.
There are even special round tours for bad weather.
It is a great place for animal and plant Lovers. The Wilhelma is the only combination of a zoo with botanical garden and is the only one in this form in Germany. It had been ordered by King William I, hence the name (William is Wilhelm in German).
The monkey house has just been accomplished and the Gorillas and Bonobas now enjoy much more space and their social and specific breed requirements are taken even more into consideration.

Many guided tours and presentations are offered, space for events, children's birthdays and even weddings.
During the "wild weekends" there are lectures and theme days for kids and grownups. Participation is free, although donations are welcome and are forwarded to protective projects, for example for the
mountain Gorillas. Tickets for Wilhelma right now amount to 7 Euro for children and 14 Euro for adults, if you live in the vicinity or come to Stuttgart more often, an annual pass might be interesting.
During the week-ends it is recommended to use public transportion since the parking of Wilhelma is quite limited.
If you use public Transportation you will even get a refund of 1 Euro if you show your VVS-Ticket.
If you find decent weather when you take your trip, you can also take along a Rucksack with provisions and have a picknick on one of the many meadows.

Wilbär has been born in 2008 in Wilhelma and hasn't had quite the publicity as the famous Knut but has been an attraction for many people visiting Stuttgart and the zoo.  In the meantime he lives in Sweden, but the newspapers report regularly on him and his "fiancee" Ewa.
But not only polar bears and monkies have been born in the Wilhelma. Just recently another new inhabitant has been born there, the giraffe baby Nabil. As you see, a visit to Wilhelma never gets boring and offers entertainment and new insight all year.

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