Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Markthalle Stuttgart

 Markthalle Stuttgart  is situated in the Center of Stuttgart and has been opened to the public in 1914, so this year is its centenary.
Stuttgart Marketing GmbH offers a  "Führung hinter den Kulissen"  (tour behind the scenes) In this case this means a visit to the Basement. You can have a look in the wooden shacks where there are still original signs from 1914.  Furthermore you will learn many interesting things from the past and today.
The art nouveau building has been built according to the schemes of architect Martin Elsässer. It has more than 5.000 square meters of selling space at its command and is protected by urban heritage conservation. In effect the restoration of the historic tiles involves large expenses because they have to be replicated manually. Last time the windows in the upper part of the market hall had to be replaced, the association which is responsible for the conservation of the Monument,  Märkte Stuttgart GmbH, had to pay 130.000 Euro.
More about this landmark and beautiful pictures are on this Blog.

Bild von/Picture by Thomas Wolf,

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