Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rolling supermarket in the country

An interesting new business idea was written about in the newspaper - not so new anyway, I had seen something like this in an American film which was at least from the 80s, but never mind.
Let's say the idea was taken up again. Unfortunately many small shops have closed down in the villages and people who don't have the possibility to go my car to the next shopping center have large difficulties to provide themselves with the necessary supplies.
The butcher Siegfried Guggolz decided to offer a solution to this problem and start a new business:
In Göttingen a project of moving supermarket had already started, so Guggolz went there to inform himself about it and also buy a used truck with the necessary equipment.
He has several stops during the week in these villages (tourplan might change constantly):
Monday: Michelbach, Ebensbach, Stockheim, Haberschlacht, Neipperg, Massenbach, Bockschaft, Adensbach, Hasselbach, Daisbach
Tuesday: Ochsenburg, Leonbronn, Hohenklingen, Knittlingen, Kleinvillars, Mühlhausen, Aurich, Riet
Wednesday: Sternenfels, Häfnerhaslach, Ochsenbach, Spielberg, Oberderdingen, Flehingen, Zaisenhausen, Sulzfeld
Thursday: Like Monday and Eichtersheim
More information on this website.
People who have special requests can utter them, the articles will be brought on the next tour. Also people who have problems to walk can tell him and he will make an extra stop at their home and even help them carry the stuff into the house.
So, if you live in these towns, buy some of your food there, otherwise, who knows when it closes down again. As it seems, he can't live off the sale yet, but hopefully soon. I think it is a great idea and convenient for people in order not to depend only on the large supermarkets in the region and their cars.
I also found some others:
in Neuendorf, In Hohenlohe with lots of organic stuff. In Hildesheim.

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