Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Höhenpark Killesberg Stuttgart

200 different types of dahlias can be admired in Höhenpark Killesberg now.
Choose your favorite dahlia, you can find a flyer and postcard on Stuttgart.de for download.
A visit to Killesberg is always a great experience. You reach it with U5 from Schloßplatz (castle square) or Hauptbahnhof (main station) or with the busses 43 starting from Rotebühlplatz and 44 starting from Hauptbahnhof.
If you take the 44 bus you will pass in the vicinity of the Chinese garden, have a break there, it is also very recommended. You will have a great view of the city. The garden is owned by Verschönerungsverein Stuttgart e.V. which is taking care of many interesting projects. Verschönerungsverein means association for embellishment and you can discover several features on their website, for example the Killesberg Turm, a trecking map and several houses in Weberstrasse which is in the old part of town, the Stuttgart Bohnenviertel.

Back to Höhenpark Killesberg:
The so-called "Green U" links several parks and green zones of the city. It is actually possible to walk nearly completely in the countryside starting at Schloßplatz and passing Schlossgarten and Rosensteinpark where you can see part of our zoo, the Wilhelma.
From May until October you can have a trip with the little train which has been running from 1939 and is now protected.
Grown-ups and kids can admire several animals on the lawn, such as sheep, ponies, donkeys and lamas.
Furthermore there are several open air events every year and the Light Festival is legendary

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