Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Interesting links - Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts in German, always showing up with interesting links and contributions, is
Not Safe for Work. So, if your are capable of understanding German, have a try at this funny podcast with lots of information. What is it about? Difficult to say, usually it is just a mishmash of things the both podcasters had heard, read or happening to them. It might begin with a talk about the World Soccer Championship and end with a talk about stars and space, passing Berlin, Marihuana, foldable bikes, drink bottles, Sweden and German politicians. - You just never know.

The last feature mentioned some interesting things as:

Critical Mass demonstration in Berlin. It is about the impact of non motorized vehicles in traffic.
Since the German traffic law  a group of more than 15 bicycle riders are a closed entity and the law for the first of the group is applicable for the rest. That means if there is a green traffic light and the first passes, all the others pass too, even if the traffic light changes to red in the meantime. Might be that cars have to wait until the entity of 1.500 bikes have passed. Closed entities are also allowed to travel side by side while smaller groups have to go one after the other on the streets.
These Critical Mass demonstrations have been startet in San Francisco but there are regular meetings all over the world, now. Since it is an informal reunion, there is no leader and nobody who is actually responsible, the demonstrations are not subject to authorization.
Here is a link for the regular meetings in Stuttgart, the next one is on the first of August 2014.

Tim talked about somebody who took up a Sikorsky helicopter and made videos of the Berlin wall shortly after the fall of the wall. After that it had been disintegrated very fast and there are only a few remnants now.

Other Berlin features were the East Side Gallery, the world's longest Open Air Gallery,
the Gleisdreieck Park and the residues of German Highways of the "Transitstrecke" between East and West Germany.

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