Friday, September 26, 2014

German cartoons

When I passed the main station going to work today, I saw the picture of "Äffle und Pferdle" again and was reminded that we have some cartoon personalities which have been known here for many decades.
So who are Äffle und Pferdle?
I remember them from my childhood and their appearances on television and they are still well-known in the Swabian area. A monkey (Äffle = small monkey) and a horse (Pferdle = small horse). Remember: the -le attached to almost anything repesents a minimization in our dialect. 'They also moved with the times, so you will find them on their website, Facebook, Youtube, as well as in old-fashioned books and lots of merchandising articles - have a look yourself and maybe you are looking for a nice and original present to bring home to your country. Have a look at the door doormat on the right, too. So what have you learned?
"Hallole" means ... ?? Next time I will tell you the story about another famous cartoon personality, Lurchi, the spotted salamander.

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