Friday, January 9, 2015

Dog Wash Center

Look what I found - how cool is that?  A dog wash center. - Our dogs have a black fur, so you don't see the dirt at once, sometimes there seems to be also a self cleaning effect to this fur which is: they are cleaner then but their ambiance not. So this is quite a good idea to clean your dog without using your bath tub, because let's be honest: it's not so much cleaning the dog itself as cleaning the bathroom afterwards, and dogs like to shake themselves before during and after the procedure..
You can use it 24/7 which is more than with the wash points for the cars - car cleaning isn't allowed on Sundays so these points are closed or won't work then.

It follows the same system as the car wash it yourself points.

Please note that there are different kinds of shampoos for paws and fur, a conditioner and glow finish (what ever that is, maybe some kind of styling gel) and hairdryers in different levels - for the more delicate and the adventurous dogs. Since my kids like to play with the running vacuum cleaner, I presume we can go for option two.
When we tried it, I will report about it and post some pictures.

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