Thursday, August 27, 2009

Turtles in Stuttgart

You don't have to go to Wilhelma, our local zoo to see turtles. You will find them directly in the center of the city, in the "Feuersee". These animals have been in the small artificial city lake for 2 decades already. Originally from the USA and Mexico they found their way in the 80s to the waters of Stuttgart, set free by owners who wanted to get rid of them or thought they were better off there.
The German law for the protection of environment prohibits the settling of plants or animals in the wild if they are a danger to local fauna and flora. These turtles aren't because they don't disturb the other animals. There is plenty of vegetarian food for the grown ups. They will bury themselves in the earth if the temperature goes below 10 Centigrade Celsius. In April they start with sunbathing in order to make the temperature rise in their body. They lay their eggs and let them warm by the sun, nonetheless it is difficult that there will actually be an eclosion. Since a turtle can become up to 40 years old in good conditions there are still about 150 animals in the Stuttgart waters. Just come and visit them next time you are here.


  1. Nice post. I love the German environmental laws. Damn, I miss Stuttgart. (sigh)

  2. Thanks, rhonalala. Canada offers great places, too. I've been to British Columbia (a long time ago), I liked it very much.