Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some information I took from Good News Stuttgart

8 Facts for Cannstatter Wasen - Stuttgart Beer Festival

  1. More than 330 funfair operators make Cannstatter Wasen the largest fairground festival of the world
  2. The energy consumption equals the consumption of a city of 35.000 inhabitants.
  3. The erection of a large festival tent takes from two to three months and costs about half a million Euro.
  4. About 17.000 persons work directly or indirectly for the Cannstatt Beer Festival.
  5. Every year from four to five millions visitors on the Wasen.
  6. The Festival is already 191 years old.
  7. The historical symbol of the "Wasen" - the fruit column is adorned with more than 3 tons of vegetable and plants.
  8. More than 20.000 persons who are members of the Volksfest Association travel to Stuttgart from New York , Philadelphia and Chicago to visit Stuttgart and the "Wasen".

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