Friday, January 8, 2010

Landesmuseum - Treasures of Old Syria - Qatna

Exhibition in the Old Castle/ Landesmuseum "Treasures of Old Syria"

More than 3.000 years Qatna was buried underneath the earth. Now the Landesmuseum presents a special exhibition "Treasures of Old Syria" - The discovery of the royal crypt of Qatna.

An unbereft royal crypt
Visitors are relocated back to the times of about 3.500 years ago: Once the royal town of Qatna was a flourishing trade metropolis in the heart of Syria. In 2002 , under the remnants of a monumental palace, archeologists from Tübingen who cooperated with an international investigators' team discovered an unbereft royal crypt.

Discoveries of inestimable value, arms, jewellery, crimson colored cloths, cylinder seals, valuable vases and an extensive archive of cuneiform scripts - all these discoveries are now national treasures of Syria and can be seen for the first time here in Stuttgart.

The highlight of the presentation is the multi media reconstruction of the emperor's palace and the crypt. Animations simulate the live in the ages of Bronze in Syria - the religious ideas, the cult of the dead, everyday life in trade and crafts and the extensive cultural excange in this region.

The exhibition will be open until the 14th of March 2010 - every week from Tuesday to Sunday - 10 am until 6 pm. There are numerous other accompanying events like lectures, discussions and presentations about the restoration.

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