Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going out in Stuttgart - Theaters

There is quite a large cultural scene in Stuttgart. First of all there is the Staatstheater Stuttgart which offers a large variety of opera, ballet and theater. The ballet is quite famous due to the John Cranko Ballet School. It is situated in the Schloßgarten which is behind the Old and the New Castle in the center of town.
The Theaterhaus has moved a couple of years ago from Wangen to Pragsattel and now offers 4 different halls and a gym. Many plays are shown for quite a long time. The most famous one is "Caveman" . (Written by the American Rob Becker).

On the website Schauspielbü you will find those theaters:
Altes Schauspielhaus which offers classic plays by authors like Shakespeare or Schiller and Musicals.
Komödie im Marquardt offers comedy,
Theater unterm Dach has a choice of small alternative spectacles
while the International Theatre produces plays in foreign language, right now in English, French and Spanish.

Theater über den Wolken (theater above the clouds) has a variety of different plays and a fantastic view from the Fernsehturm.
Children will love the Theater U18 (under 18).

Theater der Altstadt entertains you with a variety of plays from classics to comedies.
Other theaters: Theater Rampe, Wilhelma Theater, Krimifabrik.
Of course theater plays will be shown also in other cultural centers and halls. I will write about these in one of the next blogs.

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