Monday, May 2, 2011

Toad Migration

As we had a lot of cut scrub from our garden to bring to the green waste deposit near the forest, the thought sprang to my mind: Let's hope, they haven't closed it because it is a Sunday. The reason for closing the "Häckselplatz" as we call it in German, isn't the noise which would be connected with this procedure, a reason why you are not allowed to wash your car on a Sunday. During this season there is the toad migration which is taken very seriously in our region. The place was open this time, but one of our neighbors had told us that in the evening after 6 pm, the barriers will be down for the protection of the amphibians.
I really didn't know very much about this toad migration other that they are even building costly tunnels for them, so I informed myself about it.
The population of common or European toad is diminishing due to the cut of their habitat through streets. During their migrations especially from their winter home to their spawn waters and after that to their summer living space, there are huge losses caused by cars. Therefore NABU and other organisations have arranged for flexible plastic fences which will lead them into buckets. These buckets are brought to the other side of the street by the people. Another procedure is the creation of waters which substitute the existing ones and where the toads don't have to pass streets for reaching them. Tunnels are built as well and sometimes whole streets are closed during this period of migration.

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