Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Coincidentally we passed the town of Grossbottwar yesterday which held a Renaissance Festival. In the last years these festivals have become quite frequent and popular. Just have a look at the pictures. There are presentations of the different professions of these times, food and beverage, not only what you would expect 500 years ago but also the usual stuff like Coca Cola and Hungarian Langos. This hasn't anything to do with the medieval theme but these vendors will pay a lot to participate.. Quite heavy also the entrance fee of 6 €. There are lots of crafts stands with over the top prices as well. We inquired about prices for a shaving brush - prices started at 90 € - honestly a bit too much. It was from a badger, but nonetheless...

 Nonetheless, we had a good time, drank some of the local wine, watched the interesting stuff and made a lot of pictures. The weather helped a lot, it was quite good for this time of the year and it will be probably one of the last festivals outside - apart from the Christmas Markets - btw. - if you like this kind of medieval thing, have a go at the Christmas Market in Esslingen - there is a normal one and a Renaissance, I probably wrote about it in one of my former posts. If not, just tell me, so I know that somebody is reading this blog. :)

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