Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Visit to the Bessarabian Museum in Stuttgart

I had the opportunity to visit the Bessarabian Museum in Stuttgart. As you may know (or not), many Germans 200 years ago went to Bessarabia which was situated at the Black Sea.
They were driven by poorness, religious and political reasons and by incentives promised by the Russian Tsar Alexander I like land donation, interest free credits, religious freedom and exemption from military service. After Alexander I had conquered this eastern part of Moldavia, he named the Governate Bessarabia. His aim was to re-establish agriculture in this region, so he invited the German settlers.
Due to the Molotov-Rippentrop Pact, Bessarabia was attributed to Russia. The Germans in Bessarabia were given the opportunity to come back to Germany, most did, some were sent to Poland and given pieces of land expropriated from the Polish.
We had a very interesting conversation with one of the volunteers who showed us around. She told us lots of stories which she had come to know about life in these days, mostly learned from her father. So if you have relatives or would like to know more about the history of Bessarabia, I can highly recommend a visit. There is also a large archive and always somebody around who can give you lots of information. Many Germans of Russsian Heritage exchange thoughts and information here and here. There are regular homeland tours and the possibility to get more information about your ancestors and their way of life.

Animals of the region.

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