Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Soccer - we are World Champions

Since everybody is talking about it, I have to put something in about Soccer.
I am lazy today, so I copy part of this from my other, Giant Schnauzer Blog
That was during the Brasi-Germany game:

I have to put on this cap, seems that we are winning.

Haven't understood who takes part in the game apart from Germany.

Seems they are only hitting one goal in this game.

I think, we Germans won't be popular with this abroad.

Every time my human calls me I think they are showing the goal again and it is already the next. I am confused.

I recommend the brasilian players to go home already, so they won't get into the crowd.

As German Beer Schnauzer I am of course content how the German team played.

Right now there is a live stream about the return of the Champions, everybody in Berlin waiting to greet them and have a great party.

Funny, when I was passing a screen they said that the fans have to wait two hours more because there was a collision of the "Fanhansa" with a baggage car.

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